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Battery Leads and Earth Straps

 Car battery lead and starter switch cables are covered in this battery leads and earth straps section. Battery terminal cables connect and starter electrical connection offered as a complete and assembled cable. The section also includes earth straps and tinned copper braids.

Battery Cable Leads

 Standard and universal battery terminal leads. Complete Link for connection to a battery, device or junction box.

Vehicle Earth Straps

 Standard and universal battery terminal earth straps. Complete links for connection to batteries or bus bar.

Starter Motor to Switch Leads

 Starter motor to switch leads made up in different lengths for motor connection to a switch, junction or bus bar.

Tinned Copper Braids

 Tinned copper braiding, flat electrical strapping used for continuous current conductors or earth straps.

Universal Flat Bonding Straps

 Tinned copper braiding with terminal eyelets, different made lengths for current conductors or earth straps.